Hey Remember Me?

Well I'm Back. Yeah I know I said I would post on Friday but I was just too busy doing something ... if only I could remember what. Gee not even mid-40s and I have crap short term memory.

Anyway exciting things have been happening while I was livin' life! I have a new follower, welcome kellyansapansa, and an award, thank you so much Caz.

So without further ado here is the beautiful golden bloggie from Caz - cute huh??!
This award comes with a request to list 5 things I love. So here goes:
1. My hubby and my little angel - they make my life so wonderful, I can't imagine what it was like before they were around. Of course with cuddles and kisses at any time mummy likes, it's especially good.
2. The smell of freshly ground coffee mmmmmmmmmmmm yummo. Then there's the making of the coffee and drinking it with good friends - even better.
3. Spending time with friends just hanging out and having a laugh about dumb things we have done.
4. Reading - I have been telling my little angel how my mum was forever telling me to turn off the light, put my book away and go to sleep when I was a kid. Of course I turned off the light but snuck my torch under the blankets to keep reading. I love to read a story to my little angel, at least 3 per night is our usual. I love watching her little face imagining all that is going on with the story.
5. Scrapbooking my life and that of my family - to me this is also about spending time with great girlfriends and chatting, as much as it is about making a great family history keepsake.

Now Kelly has tagged me to share 25 random things about myself. So tonight is the night of lists.

1. I have lived in Melbourne all my life.
2. My father is Danish.
3. I am a Collingwood supporter (some might say tragic but I'm getting better).
4. I work full time but dream about being a stay at home mum.
5. I am not into Brad Pitt (my girlfriends' think I'm a freak).
6. I am into George Clooney.
7. I have two cats, Rambo who is 18 (and getting his licence any day now) and Minnie who is 10.
8. I had braces when I was a teenager.
9. We have his and hers laptops.
10. I sponsor 2 children through World Vision and have been a supporter for 20 years.
11. Next week I will have worked for the same employer for 26 years (straight from high school).
12. My house is full of clutter (except my bedroom, see my previous posts).
13. My house will not be full of clutter in 2 weeks time (I'm setting high goals).
14. I have been bungy jumping.
15. I have an extensive collection of 80s vinyl singles and LPs (that I haven't played recently ... OK OK since we moved here 7 years ago).
16. I have 69 friends on facebook but I reckon half of them are rellies.
17. Both my grandmothers are still alive at 93 and 92.
18. Eighteen is my favourite number.
19. My favourite TV show was West Wing, now I quite like Big Love.
20. I love to scuba dive although I haven't done it since I fell pregnant with my little angel.
21. I'm a sucker for an English accent.
22. I had my first car accident the day I got my licence.
23. I have been a bridesmaid 5 times.
24. My little angel starts school in 2 days.
25. My favourite colour is blue.

Wow that's a lot of sharing, hope I haven't bored you lovely ladies senseless, and thanks for your support too.

Fun stuff tomorrow - my little angel and I are going for a meet and greet with her teacher before she starts school on Tuesday. How can she be starting school - it feels like she was only born a few months ago!

See you next time :-)

Sorry I'm Slack

Forgive me all, I've been a bit slack. It's been seven days since I blogged. Bloody hell how did that happen - I don't recall being so busy I couldn't spare 5 minutes. Maybe I have been reading too many blogs and following too many links.

I have been back on the de-cluttering in the last few days and will post an update tomorrow.

Just to get you tempted to come back, think linen closet and freezer. And pictures!

An odd combination I know. But both smallish and not taking too much time.

see you next time :-)

Great blogs

Having found some great blogs to follow, I have been checking out their blog lists and have come across quite a few more that will make my list.

It has really made me think what a lucky life I have and just wanted to say thanks to them for helping me realise.

see you soon :-)

Ewwww Gross Out

Ok so my post-it note yesterday was about my dishwasher. We have one of those Fisher & Paykel double dish drawers. LOVE IT!

Normally that is.

Last week I did not love it.

I could not open the top drawer on Friday. Most of our dishes were in there :-(

So I rang the service number and the earliest they could come was today.


Thankfully the service guy came first thing this morning so I don't have to wait around for the whole 5 hour block they give you. Anyway he opened the drawer seemingly easily. He did well not to blanch at the stench. I did not do so well.

EEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW my dishes were growing. Interestingly though one plate had a small piece of chicken stuck to it that was not growing. What on earth do they put in chickens these days?

They don't have the part we need. And they won't have it til mid Feb. So he couldn't fix it today.

Luckily the bottom drawer still works and as I type is hopefully giving those foul dishes what for on super wash. I did throw one small plastic bowl out as it was grossssssssssssssssss. It must have had yogurt in it cos it is very cultured now.

Anyway it's going to cost a bit to repair. And we have had it repaired a couple of times already. Maybe it's more economical in the long run to get a new one, I might have to let my fingers do the walking today and see if that is the case.

See you soon :-)

P.S. I hate there's no spell check here.

P.P.S. Welcome new follower Katie :-)

Post-it Note Tuesday

Where Did The Weekend Go?

Gosh it's 9.30pm Sunday night already. What have I done all weekend and why did it go so quickly? I got barely any de-cluttering done, just a few things from the pantry and freezer that seem like they had been there forever.

I did however finish reading Clear Out Your Clutter with Feng Shui. I would normally scoff at that new age stuff but I happened to come across it right when I decided I needed to do something about all the clutter and it was as if fate stepped in. Anyway one of the main things written about was how we keep so many things because we are going to do something with them "one day".

My Mum gave me a 6 pack of BBQ flavourings that has sat at the bottom of the pantry ever since, mainly because I liked the bottles and thought I would use them "one day". I'm not really into spicy BBQ meat flavourings. And I have not managed to do anything with them in the 3 years since she gave em to me so I decided they were taking up more than enough room in the pantry so it was time to go...

One of the first things I did de-clutter was the freezer in our "beer fridge". Well it wasn't so much a de-clutter as a defrost actually. So after I cleaned it all out I just put all the frozen stuff back. Again there was stuff in there a few years old and after finishing my book I thought do I really want to eat that freezer burnt meat, when I have not managed to do so up til this point. So out it all went, all that's left is yummy stuff like cookie mix, icy poles and ice cream yuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm. They will definitely get eaten in this house.

Hopefully sometime this week, although it's pouring rain here at the moment. Hmm come to think of it when did the weather influence ice-cream eating?

See you next time :-)

Cleaning Up is Fun Mummy

Well who would have thunk it?! My 5 year old angel helped with the de-cluttering today (mostly because I made her). It was time to tackle the clutter behind the front door otherwise known as the hat stand. So I decided to make a game of it, we could try on all the hats, coats, scarves and handbags, and Mummy would make it super funny waaaaaay better than watching TV. I could see she didn't believe me though so we got out the camera and took the before shot and then out came the 3 baskets to sort everything into.





Then it was time to try some funny hats on ..... Bride to Be, Viking, Jester, and Balloon Girl all followed.

and of course the after shot (although I don't think it looks that different). My Hubby reckons it's heaps better and even helped clean out the coat cupboard when he got home. So off to the op-shop tomorrow are 5 coats and about 20 caps. My little angel's child care centre will be getting a donation of hats, scarves and handbags for the dress-up box.

Ahhhh less clutter and entertainment for a 5 year old all in one - priceless!

See you tomorrow :-)

Blissful Bedroom

Yay I've done it ... finished de-cluttering our bedroom today. It's been quite hot here this week so the de-cluttering took a recess for a couple of days to allow for a blissfully cold cinema visit, a blissfully cold swimming pool visit and a blissfully cold sitting round under my air conditioning day. BLISS!

Anyway now the weather is a much more reasonable mid 20s I decided to finish off the bedroom de-cluttering. I took the bagged up stuff to the local op-shop. I emptied my undie drawer and threw out all the undies I don't wear because they a) gave me a wedgie when I wore them, or b) had lace that itches like hell where it shouldn't, or c) they were tatty undies or d) they were granny undies .... you get the picture. Along with that I got rid of some maternity bras that were 5 years old and no longer needed and a couple of other bras that I will never fit into again.

Then it was on to the pj drawer. I had a pleasant surprise here cos I must have cleaned that out not long ago and only found one nightie and pair of pjs I no longer wear instead of the 3 or 4 I thought might be there.

So all the clothes that I don't wear are gone, all the shoes I don't wear are gone and all the handbags I don't use are gone. All the clean washing is put away instead of washing baskets stacked everywhere. Gosh it feels good. My little vac went into overtime for 30 minutes busting dust and grime and voila a blissful bedroom appeared.

My little angel said it's so tidy in here Mummy and Hubby was very happy when he got home. I told him I had plans for the rest of the house too if he lives up to his end of the bargain and builds the built in robes in my little angel's bedroom like he's been promising to for the last 6 months.

So now to plotting what other clutter can go. My little angel is 5 now, so we really don't need a high chair, a port-a-cot, a rocker, a pram or a bag of 1 year olds clothes. I think I will be busy on e-bay this weekend! Then there's her wardrobe and all the clothes that don't fit her. And all the toys that she's too old for. And the coat cupboard, and the hat stand and ... I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

Lucky I have another month off work!

See you tomorrow :-)

Call Me Imelda No More...

For I now have 13 less pairs of shoes that I don't wear than I did last week.

Yesterday I finally got to my wardrobe floor in my attempt to de-clutter my home. I have started on our bedroom first and sadly most of the clutter there is mine :-(

Here's a before

 and after shot

I managed to get rid of another 7 pairs of shoes I no longer wear, together with a handbag I have only used once, and various bags containing assorted stuff like pyjamas, photo albums, candle sets, makeup bag, cookbooks etc that I bought and then never got around to using.

At the same time I also de-cluttered the drawers on the other side of the wardrobe and my tallboy and managed to find a huge basketful of clothes that no longer fit or I just don't wear anymore. Funnily enough I now have room for all the clothes that I do wear now and won't have to store them in the clean washing basket.

Now to dispose of it all and give the bedroom a really thorough clean to get rid of dust bunnies and grime that had accumulated around all the clutter.

It's going to be 44 degrees here today though so that might have to wait until tomorrow when it's a little cooler. My little angel and I are going to the movies to escape the heat today instead.

See you tomorrow :-)

Don't You Just Hate It When....

You're getting into the swing of de-cluttering. My little angel is quietly listening to stories on her iPod, my Hubby is surfing the web so I sneak off to do 15 mins of de-cluttering in our bedroom. I'm getting into it and eagerly anticipating getting to the wardrobe floor. Next thing I know my Hubby decides he's going to take a nap (it's only 11.30am for goodness sake) and my little angel wants lunch.

Damn I was doing so well....

I was almost at the wardrobe door but first I had to clear the clutter of shopping bags, laundry baskets and shoes before I could get there.

Six, yes six, pairs of high heels I have not worn in years have been bundled up for the op shop. The shoes I do wear have now replaced them on the shoe rack. Two photo albums I will never use because they're too cutesy will be joining the op-shop stuff. One worn out pair of Mary Jane shoes and a holey pair of pink moccies made their way to the bin. Some paperwork gathered up to sort through another day. My little angel's books returned to the bookcase in her room.

All was not lost when I was banished from the bedroom. I decided to start on the book I found at my sister's, "Clear Out Your Clutter with Feng Shui". Alas I did not get very far as, having devoured her lunch, my little angel wanted to play with Mummy. So we played teddy babies and pop up pirate for a while til Daddy got up and said let's go for a swim.

So that was the end of today's de-cluttering *sigh*

So with only a basket of folded washing between me and the wardrobe floor, it could be all over by tomorrow night and I could be sleeping in a clutter-free bedroom. Of course that is as long as my hubby decides to do without his nanna nap tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me folks!

See you tomorrow :-)

An Interesting Find ... Maybe

So I went to visit my sister today who is here for a couple of weeks from Far North Queensland. If you think I have some clutter, you should see hers and she doesn't even live where most of hers is! It's all stored at my Grandma's flat but that's a whole different story. Anyway we had some professional photos done a couple of years ago now and they had a 2 for the price of 1 offer. We got 4 photos, and she got a bazillion and the plan was to swap some so we each had more. Well she went and up and moved before we got around to doing that so they have been languishing in the cupboard at Grandma's waiting to get around to working out what she wanted to swap.

Anyway she opened the cupboard to get them out and staring me in the face from her stack of stored books is one called "Clear Out Your Clutter with Feng Shui". So of course being on a clutter clearing frenzy (ok ok it's more like little flurries) I snapped it up. Should make for some interesting reading... not that I'm into all that new agey stuff.

Consequently I have not actually cleared much clutter today at all ... a tiny bit of paperwork that was no longer needed as I had duplicate copies was all that managed to escape from my home today. Also my sister had some cute cushions that my little angel fell in love with and as my sister didn't want them anymore she managed to bring them home for her room.

So to summarise more clutter in than out today :-(

After dinner I checked my blog reading list for some motivation and was so excited to see I now have 1 follower. Yay me and welcome Caz.

Still haven't got to that wardrobe floor but it's been on my mind - maybe tomorrow.

See you then :-)

15 Minutes of Clean

I had a busy day today, lunch with friends and ice cream outing for afternoon tea.

In between times I helped my Hubby hang a few photos and got some more frames from Ted's (still 25% off). So not much de-cluttering happened today although I did manage a quick 15 minutes after dinner.

Today's tally was:
Baby clothes kept for sentimental reasons put away in the little angel's wardrobe instead of a pile in our room
Several cake boards needing recovering offered to crafty friends before moving to the op-shop
Two empty shoe boxes turfed in the bin
One new cat bowl put in the garage with cats
New 50% off Christmas ornaments put away in hall cupboard for next Christmas

Maybe tomorrow I will get to my wardrobe floor. See you then :-)

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas My True Love Said To Me...

"Time to get rid of the Christmas clutter". And he was right. So down it all came.

  • 3 Santa's Helper Elves
  • 26 Cards
  • 2 Santa Stop Here signs
  • 4 Hanging Ornaments
  • 2 Stockings
  • 1 Wreath
  • 1 Candle Set
  • 1 Christmas Tree
Apart from the cards it all got packed up ready for next Christmas. Ahh the lounge room seems much bigger now!

One of the benefits was, as I was putting the Christmas stuff away, I decided to clean out the drawer in the hall bureau where some of it was kept. So clutter gone from there is
  • 1 Contractor's pass that Hubby forgot to return at the ABS
  • Another pair of dorky petrol station sunnies
  • 1 Minnie Mouse zip tab for my little angel's dress that never got fixed and now doesn't fit
  • 1 broken sunglasses case
Ahhh that's better.
See you tomorrow :-)

De-clutter Free day

Well I didn't do any de-cluttering today, but I did work on my other new year's resolution, to walk somewhere everyday.

Does walking briskly around Chaddy count though? I had a few shops to go to and only an hour to do it in so I hit Target, Ted's (for more cheap frames), checked out school shoes for my little angel in a couple of shops (they're how much??!!) and then home again.

This afternoon we went to the local pool and I walked around in the water there with 3 kids hanging off me ... I think that counts too.

Tomorrow is my mum's birthday so not sure what I will get done in the de-clutteriong but I will TRY to make an effort even if it is small.

See you tomorrow :-)

Believe It Or Not This Is A Laundry Hamper

Yeah I know it's shaped like a laundry hamper and it matches the second laundry hamper we do use, but it hasn't been used that way for some time (I hate to admit maybe 3 years, perhaps even 4). It has been a receptacle for clutter all that time. I remember I cleaned all the clutter up out of the dining room when we were having friends for dinner once and there it has stayed pretty much ever since. Very occasionally I have retrieved something from it.

Today I decided this would be my de-cluttering project of choice. It's time to go .... unused wedding presents (sssshhhhh those rellies never visit anyway), more parenting magazines, a gardening book to return to my M-I-L, a couple of unused photos albums, some old cigar tins with tax paperwork from 2003, a pair of dorky petrol station sunnies, and some stuff that smells like a girly undies drawer as my Hubby would say.

Anyway a few things made their way to the op-shop bag, but mostly it was paperwork chuck out time. This afternoon my Hubby decided it was time to get rid of all the cheap prints around the house and replace them with the professional family photos we have had done over the last couple of years. A quick trip to Chaddy for some new frames (25% off at Ted's gotta love that!) and then load up some more stuff for the op-shop. I think it may be time to spread the love as St Vinnies has had quite a bit from us lately. Maybe the Salvos will benefit tomorrow.

So far most of my de-cluttering has been focused on our bedroom, I wish I could say it was all done but... tomorrow I might empty a couple of the washing baskets full of clean folded stuff so maybe our wardrobes will get a makeover.

Thinking about it I can't wait until I sleep in an uncluttered room. And to think that might be within the week!

See you tomorrow :-)

De-cluttering day 2

Day 2 of the great de-cluttering went well. I have now de-cluttered our bedside tables, and my jewellery boxes. And while I was in the mood I did the tea-towel drawer too.

Leaving my life today were assorted shopping dockets (average age 3 years old), several books I have read, 2 parenting magazines from 2005, a Woman’s Day from 2003 (and from the cover stories yes Miranda Otto and Peter O’Brien are still together, sadly Sonia Kruger and her hubby are not), 1 very overdue library book, 5 pairs of broken or lonely-for-their-missing-mate earrings, a stack of tea-towels, 2 pot mitts and a PVC apron still in its packet.

I also managed to remove lots of accumulated dust behind the bedside tables and tallboy (eeeewwwwwww it was disgusting).

So here’s today’s before and after shots:

My bedside table before

and after

Hubby’s side before

and after

And the stack of tea-towels, apron and pot-mitts that are off to the op-shop tomorrow.

All in all a couple of hours well spent and not too difficult at all. I think the key is to take it slowly so it’s not too overwhelming.

See you tomorrow :-)

De-cluttering day 1

Ok so after procrastinating for a few hours this morning, I have started the de-cluttering and am feeling good. The bathroom was my first target - I figured it was small enough that it would ony take an hour or so and I would be able to see quick results.

I started with the bathroom cupboard behind the mirror, finding lots of old prescriptions and repeats that had never been filled including one dating back to 2005, foot scrubs that have been in there since we moved in in 2002 and lots of expired pharmacy medicines. The window ledges were next, mostly just stuff that needed putting away, so away it went. The real meaty bit was the basket weave drawers. Covered in dust they contained a treasure trove of crap. Lots more expired medicines, bath and shower gels and bubbles that were never going to get used, and attachments for stuff we no longer have! All cleaned out now and even vacuumed the dust away too.

Here's some before and after shots:

So that was pretty easy - now to get rid of all the junk.... I'm thinking a big garbage bag and straight into the bin.

Hmmm there doesn't seem to be a spell checker here. That's gonna drive me crazy :-(

Anyway I have decided tomorrow it's my bedside table that is gonna get a de-clutter. I might even get on to hubby's bedside table too!

See you tomorrow :-)

A New Decade Dawns

So I was thinking last night ... what should my New Year's resolution for 2010 be? Things I have been stressing over for the last few months would be an ideal place to start. My health, my family finances and the clutter around my home.

Today it's 10 years since I gave up smoking and now I need to make another life changing decision to get my weight under control so I can be around in another decade. I also need to de-clutter my home before I go mad. Every horizontal surface seems to have a pile on it and it's doing my head in, not to mention driving my husband crazy. So the perfect answer ... make 2 resolutions!

First one ... my health. My plan is to start by walking somewhere everyday (and not just home to car to office). I walked to the park and back with my little angel today. We were going to play but she needed a toilet stop when we got there and of course there were none.

Second .... de-clutter my home by my birthday in March. Ambitious but I think I can do it. I'll start small to get me going. I will tackle the bathroom tomorrow.

Right now it's time to join my hubby in watching a movie.

See you tomorrow :-)