15 Minutes of Clean

I had a busy day today, lunch with friends and ice cream outing for afternoon tea.

In between times I helped my Hubby hang a few photos and got some more frames from Ted's (still 25% off). So not much de-cluttering happened today although I did manage a quick 15 minutes after dinner.

Today's tally was:
Baby clothes kept for sentimental reasons put away in the little angel's wardrobe instead of a pile in our room
Several cake boards needing recovering offered to crafty friends before moving to the op-shop
Two empty shoe boxes turfed in the bin
One new cat bowl put in the garage with cats
New 50% off Christmas ornaments put away in hall cupboard for next Christmas

Maybe tomorrow I will get to my wardrobe floor. See you then :-)
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  1. Caz Says:

    Hi Karen, just wanted to say thanks for following my little blog! How is all the de-cluttering going? I love to de-clutter - think I must be a bit of a clean freak. Enjoy - I'll look forward to hearing how it all goes.

Thanks for stopping by :-)