Believe It Or Not This Is A Laundry Hamper

Yeah I know it's shaped like a laundry hamper and it matches the second laundry hamper we do use, but it hasn't been used that way for some time (I hate to admit maybe 3 years, perhaps even 4). It has been a receptacle for clutter all that time. I remember I cleaned all the clutter up out of the dining room when we were having friends for dinner once and there it has stayed pretty much ever since. Very occasionally I have retrieved something from it.

Today I decided this would be my de-cluttering project of choice. It's time to go .... unused wedding presents (sssshhhhh those rellies never visit anyway), more parenting magazines, a gardening book to return to my M-I-L, a couple of unused photos albums, some old cigar tins with tax paperwork from 2003, a pair of dorky petrol station sunnies, and some stuff that smells like a girly undies drawer as my Hubby would say.

Anyway a few things made their way to the op-shop bag, but mostly it was paperwork chuck out time. This afternoon my Hubby decided it was time to get rid of all the cheap prints around the house and replace them with the professional family photos we have had done over the last couple of years. A quick trip to Chaddy for some new frames (25% off at Ted's gotta love that!) and then load up some more stuff for the op-shop. I think it may be time to spread the love as St Vinnies has had quite a bit from us lately. Maybe the Salvos will benefit tomorrow.

So far most of my de-cluttering has been focused on our bedroom, I wish I could say it was all done but... tomorrow I might empty a couple of the washing baskets full of clean folded stuff so maybe our wardrobes will get a makeover.

Thinking about it I can't wait until I sleep in an uncluttered room. And to think that might be within the week!

See you tomorrow :-)
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