Blissful Bedroom

Yay I've done it ... finished de-cluttering our bedroom today. It's been quite hot here this week so the de-cluttering took a recess for a couple of days to allow for a blissfully cold cinema visit, a blissfully cold swimming pool visit and a blissfully cold sitting round under my air conditioning day. BLISS!

Anyway now the weather is a much more reasonable mid 20s I decided to finish off the bedroom de-cluttering. I took the bagged up stuff to the local op-shop. I emptied my undie drawer and threw out all the undies I don't wear because they a) gave me a wedgie when I wore them, or b) had lace that itches like hell where it shouldn't, or c) they were tatty undies or d) they were granny undies .... you get the picture. Along with that I got rid of some maternity bras that were 5 years old and no longer needed and a couple of other bras that I will never fit into again.

Then it was on to the pj drawer. I had a pleasant surprise here cos I must have cleaned that out not long ago and only found one nightie and pair of pjs I no longer wear instead of the 3 or 4 I thought might be there.

So all the clothes that I don't wear are gone, all the shoes I don't wear are gone and all the handbags I don't use are gone. All the clean washing is put away instead of washing baskets stacked everywhere. Gosh it feels good. My little vac went into overtime for 30 minutes busting dust and grime and voila a blissful bedroom appeared.

My little angel said it's so tidy in here Mummy and Hubby was very happy when he got home. I told him I had plans for the rest of the house too if he lives up to his end of the bargain and builds the built in robes in my little angel's bedroom like he's been promising to for the last 6 months.

So now to plotting what other clutter can go. My little angel is 5 now, so we really don't need a high chair, a port-a-cot, a rocker, a pram or a bag of 1 year olds clothes. I think I will be busy on e-bay this weekend! Then there's her wardrobe and all the clothes that don't fit her. And all the toys that she's too old for. And the coat cupboard, and the hat stand and ... I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

Lucky I have another month off work!

See you tomorrow :-)
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  1. Caz Says:

    Sounds like the declutter is coming along well. Excellent work :) Month of work sound nice too!!

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