Call Me Imelda No More...

For I now have 13 less pairs of shoes that I don't wear than I did last week.

Yesterday I finally got to my wardrobe floor in my attempt to de-clutter my home. I have started on our bedroom first and sadly most of the clutter there is mine :-(

Here's a before

 and after shot

I managed to get rid of another 7 pairs of shoes I no longer wear, together with a handbag I have only used once, and various bags containing assorted stuff like pyjamas, photo albums, candle sets, makeup bag, cookbooks etc that I bought and then never got around to using.

At the same time I also de-cluttered the drawers on the other side of the wardrobe and my tallboy and managed to find a huge basketful of clothes that no longer fit or I just don't wear anymore. Funnily enough I now have room for all the clothes that I do wear now and won't have to store them in the clean washing basket.

Now to dispose of it all and give the bedroom a really thorough clean to get rid of dust bunnies and grime that had accumulated around all the clutter.

It's going to be 44 degrees here today though so that might have to wait until tomorrow when it's a little cooler. My little angel and I are going to the movies to escape the heat today instead.

See you tomorrow :-)
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