Cleaning Up is Fun Mummy

Well who would have thunk it?! My 5 year old angel helped with the de-cluttering today (mostly because I made her). It was time to tackle the clutter behind the front door otherwise known as the hat stand. So I decided to make a game of it, we could try on all the hats, coats, scarves and handbags, and Mummy would make it super funny waaaaaay better than watching TV. I could see she didn't believe me though so we got out the camera and took the before shot and then out came the 3 baskets to sort everything into.





Then it was time to try some funny hats on ..... Bride to Be, Viking, Jester, and Balloon Girl all followed.

and of course the after shot (although I don't think it looks that different). My Hubby reckons it's heaps better and even helped clean out the coat cupboard when he got home. So off to the op-shop tomorrow are 5 coats and about 20 caps. My little angel's child care centre will be getting a donation of hats, scarves and handbags for the dress-up box.

Ahhhh less clutter and entertainment for a 5 year old all in one - priceless!

See you tomorrow :-)
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  1. Katie Says:

    I need some motivation to do this very same thing! Looks like it was more fun than work. Congrats on a job well done!

Thanks for stopping by :-)