De-cluttering day 2

Day 2 of the great de-cluttering went well. I have now de-cluttered our bedside tables, and my jewellery boxes. And while I was in the mood I did the tea-towel drawer too.

Leaving my life today were assorted shopping dockets (average age 3 years old), several books I have read, 2 parenting magazines from 2005, a Woman’s Day from 2003 (and from the cover stories yes Miranda Otto and Peter O’Brien are still together, sadly Sonia Kruger and her hubby are not), 1 very overdue library book, 5 pairs of broken or lonely-for-their-missing-mate earrings, a stack of tea-towels, 2 pot mitts and a PVC apron still in its packet.

I also managed to remove lots of accumulated dust behind the bedside tables and tallboy (eeeewwwwwww it was disgusting).

So here’s today’s before and after shots:

My bedside table before

and after

Hubby’s side before

and after

And the stack of tea-towels, apron and pot-mitts that are off to the op-shop tomorrow.

All in all a couple of hours well spent and not too difficult at all. I think the key is to take it slowly so it’s not too overwhelming.

See you tomorrow :-)
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