De-cluttering day 1

Ok so after procrastinating for a few hours this morning, I have started the de-cluttering and am feeling good. The bathroom was my first target - I figured it was small enough that it would ony take an hour or so and I would be able to see quick results.

I started with the bathroom cupboard behind the mirror, finding lots of old prescriptions and repeats that had never been filled including one dating back to 2005, foot scrubs that have been in there since we moved in in 2002 and lots of expired pharmacy medicines. The window ledges were next, mostly just stuff that needed putting away, so away it went. The real meaty bit was the basket weave drawers. Covered in dust they contained a treasure trove of crap. Lots more expired medicines, bath and shower gels and bubbles that were never going to get used, and attachments for stuff we no longer have! All cleaned out now and even vacuumed the dust away too.

Here's some before and after shots:

So that was pretty easy - now to get rid of all the junk.... I'm thinking a big garbage bag and straight into the bin.

Hmmm there doesn't seem to be a spell checker here. That's gonna drive me crazy :-(

Anyway I have decided tomorrow it's my bedside table that is gonna get a de-clutter. I might even get on to hubby's bedside table too!

See you tomorrow :-)
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