Don't You Just Hate It When....

You're getting into the swing of de-cluttering. My little angel is quietly listening to stories on her iPod, my Hubby is surfing the web so I sneak off to do 15 mins of de-cluttering in our bedroom. I'm getting into it and eagerly anticipating getting to the wardrobe floor. Next thing I know my Hubby decides he's going to take a nap (it's only 11.30am for goodness sake) and my little angel wants lunch.

Damn I was doing so well....

I was almost at the wardrobe door but first I had to clear the clutter of shopping bags, laundry baskets and shoes before I could get there.

Six, yes six, pairs of high heels I have not worn in years have been bundled up for the op shop. The shoes I do wear have now replaced them on the shoe rack. Two photo albums I will never use because they're too cutesy will be joining the op-shop stuff. One worn out pair of Mary Jane shoes and a holey pair of pink moccies made their way to the bin. Some paperwork gathered up to sort through another day. My little angel's books returned to the bookcase in her room.

All was not lost when I was banished from the bedroom. I decided to start on the book I found at my sister's, "Clear Out Your Clutter with Feng Shui". Alas I did not get very far as, having devoured her lunch, my little angel wanted to play with Mummy. So we played teddy babies and pop up pirate for a while til Daddy got up and said let's go for a swim.

So that was the end of today's de-cluttering *sigh*

So with only a basket of folded washing between me and the wardrobe floor, it could be all over by tomorrow night and I could be sleeping in a clutter-free bedroom. Of course that is as long as my hubby decides to do without his nanna nap tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me folks!

See you tomorrow :-)
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