A New Decade Dawns

So I was thinking last night ... what should my New Year's resolution for 2010 be? Things I have been stressing over for the last few months would be an ideal place to start. My health, my family finances and the clutter around my home.

Today it's 10 years since I gave up smoking and now I need to make another life changing decision to get my weight under control so I can be around in another decade. I also need to de-clutter my home before I go mad. Every horizontal surface seems to have a pile on it and it's doing my head in, not to mention driving my husband crazy. So the perfect answer ... make 2 resolutions!

First one ... my health. My plan is to start by walking somewhere everyday (and not just home to car to office). I walked to the park and back with my little angel today. We were going to play but she needed a toilet stop when we got there and of course there were none.

Second .... de-clutter my home by my birthday in March. Ambitious but I think I can do it. I'll start small to get me going. I will tackle the bathroom tomorrow.

Right now it's time to join my hubby in watching a movie.

See you tomorrow :-)
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