Where Did The Weekend Go?

Gosh it's 9.30pm Sunday night already. What have I done all weekend and why did it go so quickly? I got barely any de-cluttering done, just a few things from the pantry and freezer that seem like they had been there forever.

I did however finish reading Clear Out Your Clutter with Feng Shui. I would normally scoff at that new age stuff but I happened to come across it right when I decided I needed to do something about all the clutter and it was as if fate stepped in. Anyway one of the main things written about was how we keep so many things because we are going to do something with them "one day".

My Mum gave me a 6 pack of BBQ flavourings that has sat at the bottom of the pantry ever since, mainly because I liked the bottles and thought I would use them "one day". I'm not really into spicy BBQ meat flavourings. And I have not managed to do anything with them in the 3 years since she gave em to me so I decided they were taking up more than enough room in the pantry so it was time to go...

One of the first things I did de-clutter was the freezer in our "beer fridge". Well it wasn't so much a de-clutter as a defrost actually. So after I cleaned it all out I just put all the frozen stuff back. Again there was stuff in there a few years old and after finishing my book I thought do I really want to eat that freezer burnt meat, when I have not managed to do so up til this point. So out it all went, all that's left is yummy stuff like cookie mix, icy poles and ice cream yuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm. They will definitely get eaten in this house.

Hopefully sometime this week, although it's pouring rain here at the moment. Hmm come to think of it when did the weather influence ice-cream eating?

See you next time :-)
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