Games We Used To Play

I have been having fun today teaching my 5 year old angel and the kid from across the road how to play hopscotch. Well sort of.

We got out the big chalks and drew up the course but that was about as close as it got to actually playing. I want a pink stone says my angel. Who has pink stones?? Best I could do was colour a piece of gray concrete remnant with chalk that rubbed off as soon as it was thrown.

I want to draw some more with the chalk says kid from across the road. Go fo it I say and he proceeds to draw a very elaborate 5 game pattern.

I'm hungry says my little angel, so it was all abandoned for lunch.

So it got me thinking about the games I used to play with my sisters and friends. When I was a kid my mum and dad built their first house in a reasonably new estate. It was in  a court so not a lot of through traffic and lots of other newly-weds who also ended up having kids all around the same time. So we had plenty of friends to play outside with.

Hopscotch, clapping games, marbles, jacks, making cubbies in the trees out of old sheets, taking our dolls for a walk in their pram, chasey, riding our bikes around the court, What's the Time Mr Wolf, British Bulldogs, playing under the sprinklers in summer and of course the obligatory ABBA concert for the parents.

Under the bamboo

Under the tree Cha, Cha, Cha

True love for me my darling

True love for you Cha, Cha, Cha

When we get married

We’ll have a family

A boy for you cha cha cha

and a girl for me cha cha cha

ummmm can't remember the rest

Ahhh the good old days huh. What did you used to play?
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  1. Wow - think i've worked it out. Haven't been able to comment on your post because your word verification sits low without a slide bar. Nice to be back!!

  2. My friends and I used to spend hours playing those clapping games. Wow, that brings back memories!

  3. @Caz oh thanks I didn't realise cos it doesn't ask me to word verify when I did a test. Katie also said she had trouble with comments. I will see what I can do to fix it (ummmm I think I can .... I think I can lol)

  4. Katie* Says:

    I am going directly home and teaching my son Cats cradle! I used to love games like those!!

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