D.I.Y. Husbands and why they should not

So this weekend is a long weekend here in not so sunny Melbourne. I say not so sunny as we had a freak hailstorm on Saturday and storms again yesterday and today. Check out the results here http://media.theage.com.au/national/national-news/freak-storm-floods-melbourne-1199702.html and here http://www.theage.com.au/photogallery/victoria/wild-weather-hits-melbourne/20100306-pph5.html . Luckily our home and cars did not sustain any damage apart from leaves all over the place and washing being blown off the line into the dirt.

Our little angel was going to a birthday party on Saturday and we arrived there just before the rain and hail hit. So we were inside watching the chaos and I even told her to move away from the window at one stage because I was worried it might smash from the hail.

My dad had 2 skylights smashed from the hail and 2 laserlite windows around his porch smashed too.

But anyway I digress.

As it was a long weekend hubby and I had decided to do some extensive garden renovations and had booked a rubbish skip and a little dingo digger before we heard the forecast. He decided to go ahead with the digging and went a little overboard with how much "levelling off" he did.

We now have a front garden that is like a quagmire. And that foul smell of wet mud ick ick ick. Personally I would have used the digger shovel thingy (that's its technical name) to push most of the mud ,I mean dirt, back into the hole BEFORE it rained again. Hubby reckons it would have got the digger bogged. Hmmmm not sure on that. Anyway he hurt his back digging some out with a shovel so who knows how long until it is properly levelled off and I can park in the driveway again. And we couldn't dig the tree stump out either. Sheeeesh.

Another exciting thing this week, my little angel lost her first tooth.

Grandma asked her how much the tooth fairy left and she said $50 (It was really $2)! Grandma almost fell off her chair until I quickly set her straight.

Until next time :-)
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  1. Wow - glad you didn't sustain any damage in the storm. I've been watching the news reports and that was some serious rain and hail!

  2. *Katie* Says:

    Home improvement things always seem like such a good idea to me until I actually start doing them. Then I get all frustrated because it doesn't happen quickly enough a la home improvement shows on tv...Then I quit. Then my husband says things like " I KNEW this was going to happen. You REMEMBER this, next time you want to paint the living room or revamp the garden, because I am NOT finishing your projects ANYMORE!!" Those pictures look JUST like where I would stop. And NEVER start again!

  3. Cindy Says:

    Hi Karen,
    How funny is that - what a small world - I can't believe that we ran into each other at the pool. How crazy was all that hail! Hope that the sore back mends soon - whinging husbands are the worst creatures on earth

  4. *Katie* Says:

    I get my iPhone in April when my contract needs to be renewed. I would love if you blogged about yours, little secrets and such, you know. :)

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