Other Reasons I am a Crap Blogger

  • I don't know what a meme is - can anyone help explain?
  • Also I don't know what a blog hop is - again am I a crap blogger or what???!!
  • I keep forgetting Brenda's Flog Ya Blog Friday over at http://www.mummy-time.com/ (although yay I finally did it today but failed with the adding a short description bit)
  • I read lots of other people's blogs but I don't comment much
  • I am baffled when there is no button to click on to follow a blog just an RSS thingy
  • I care that there is no spell checker
Until next time :-)

Why I am a Crap Blogger

Well for starters .. this is my first post in 6 weeks. WHAT!!!??? I hear you say how can you not blog for 6 weeks.

And this is where I have to admit - I forgot about my blog.

Yep I said it. F-O-R-G-O-T.

In my defence real life has intruded in all manner of ways.....

My hubby got retrenched and was looking for a new job. He found a new job and hated every minute of it. So he found another new job. One that he likes. Now he's happy and I'm happy I don't have to listen to the "this job is crap" conversation every night.

My cat died. He was 18 and a half. I am a grown up and had been preparing for his demise for some time, given his age. While I do miss his snuggles, I was not really prepared for all the questions about death that a 5 year old has. He loved having hugs and cuddles with a 5 year old and our other cat does not. That means lots of questions too.

I have a full time job and my boss has been on leave as her father died, so I was trying to cover her job as well as my own.

I somehow sustained a stress fracture to my foot and after limping around for the last couple of weeks I finally got around to going to the doctors to find out what was wrong. So now I have a week off work and have to keep my feet up. And I have a lovely walking boot with a thousand velcro straps that is NOT the height of fashion (but at least my foot feels better). Not to mention the panadeine forte mmmmmmmmmmm.

So there I was on the couch with laptop, surfing around, goofing off, doing not much and I suddenly remembered OMG I have a blog and I haven't posted anything for yonks.

So maybe some more tomorrow - after I catch up on all the lovely blogs I haven't had time to read in the last 6 weeks.

Until then :-)