Other Reasons I am a Crap Blogger

  • I don't know what a meme is - can anyone help explain?
  • Also I don't know what a blog hop is - again am I a crap blogger or what???!!
  • I keep forgetting Brenda's Flog Ya Blog Friday over at http://www.mummy-time.com/ (although yay I finally did it today but failed with the adding a short description bit)
  • I read lots of other people's blogs but I don't comment much
  • I am baffled when there is no button to click on to follow a blog just an RSS thingy
  • I care that there is no spell checker
Until next time :-)
2 Responses
  1. Draft Queen Says:

    I don't know what "meme" technically stands for, though it's something to do with "me me" but in general someone starts a theme and tags others to follow suit.

    A blog hop is like what Brenda does. Everyone links up and visits everyone else's blogs.

    I never used to comment. It felt weird. But now that I do it, it's completely normal to me to add my 2 cents in. And people love them some bloggy comment love.

    What is this "no spell check" you speak of? It's the only editing I do! (Until I go to post and it's all "you forgot to close a tag, you idiot", and I have to go back and look.)

    I'm a crap blogger because I don't track stats, advertise, do reviews and I refuse to let my very capable man design my blog. It would look amazing, I'm sure, but I'm stubborn and someday, I may just get around to designing it myself.


  2. Naomi Says:

    Great to know that there is someone else who feels they are a crap blogger. I am still working out all the in's and out's to blogging. Who knew it was going to be so difficult! I am just out to have fun and share my thoughts! look forward to reading more of yours.

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