iHappy Monday

OK let's see if I can manage this.

OK so maybe not. It didn't work quite as I expected, but I've got it figured out now so look out next week!

What the hell am I on about??? Brenda's iHappy Monday over at Mummytime of course!

Anyway this is what made me happy today:

I still had money in my wallet this morning after the weekend... YAY

Getting sent home at 2.50pm cos there was toxic fumes in the office the source of which could not be found. (Don't look at my horrible dry crocodile skin please)

So sunny but yet so freakin cold .... 11 degrees at 3pm

What was waiting for me at home :-)

Our 1 month old ducted heating which was working wonderfully to combat the 11 degrees.

Afternoon cup of coffeee in a mug that always makes me think of summer.

New app on my iPhone that makes funny pics.


Brenda's iHappy Monday!

Amanda Bynes I Am Dead Jealous

Greetings all,

I read with an increasing green tinge of envy, that Amanda Bynes* GETS TO RETIRE AT 24. She doesn't like her job anymore so she's decided to retire.

That is soooooooo NOT FAIR.

I want to retire at 24 .... well OK I'm 20 years past that........... but still I wanna retire.

My loyal readers will recall I am currently suffering from a busted foot. Unfortunately I've only managed to scam convince my doctor of the need for a week and a half off work. Consequently I am schlepping myself into work everyday after dropping my little angel at school, with a big brace on my foot that seems to weigh 20kgs by the end of the day.

I had this 'occupational therapist' assessment last week to make sure that I could 'return to work' in a timely and safe manner and stay there until I'm fully recovered. I am quite happy to recover at home, but that's not how it works with a government job unfortunately.

Anyway she recommended a leg rest to elevate my leg under my workstation, and OMG you would not believe how difficult it has been to get this $60 item. Today the guy that is finally getting on to it (finally after a week already) tells me he can do something for me next Thursday. I tell him sheeeeeeeeeesh my foot will be better by then Mate! Talk about red tape.

I tell ya the minute I win lotto I am OUTTA THERE.

Now it's not that I don't like my job, I do, actually. But I just really need more time to catch up on blogs, post comments and generally slack off educate myself on the ways of life.

Anyways enough of my whining...............



The awesomest, funniest blogger I know** (well you know ....not personally) Brenda over at Mummytime is once more hosting FLOGYOBLOGFRIDAY.

Head on over to her site and soak up the funnies.

Here's the rules

1.Follow her blog. (if you haven't already done so).

2.Grab her bubbly button and post it on your sidebar.

3.Link your First Name and/or Blog Name and URL (not your homepage) below.

4.Add a short description (max of 125 chars). It could be a description of yourself, your blog or a teaser to your latest post.

5.Follow at least 1 linkyer/blogger (Pay it forward is the name of the game).

6.The list will be open for linkyers on Fridays (She's extended the closing time by the way, to accommodate her non-aussie peeps).

7.A new and fresh link list will open every Friday. And you will have to link up AGAIN. The previous link list does not carry over to the following week.

8.And lastly, have lotsa fun.
Until next time :-)

* For those that don't know she's an actress of some sort
** And apart from Katie over at No Missed Opportunities

How's The Serenity?

So my background finally reappeared but not in time to do my Friday post. So sorry I'm a bit late for FlogYoBlog Friday. I'm sure you'll forgive me though huh? Especially my new followers this week - I'm not usually so slack... well OK I am but I try not to be.

It's been raining here for most of the day. Just that annoying drizzle that means the kids are stuck inside. My little angel has a friend who is 12 months older than her that she often plays with.

My hubby calls him the red cordial kid. Today I am persuaded he is correct, as they have been in here all day and he is DRIVING ME NUTS.

I have lost count of how many times I have told him to talk quietly. It seems yelling is his normal volume. We only have a small 2 bedroom house and it is normally nice and quiet and peaceful except for when he's here. I reckon he needs his hearing checked or maybe its just 6 year old boys are boisterous?

Anyway there's been a break in the weather and I have sent them outside to play. Maybe if I'm lucky they will go over to his house for a few hours and share the pain with his family.

Hubby is trying to have a nanna nap and so I am just enjoying the serenity for a few minutes.

And hoping it will last for a while.

Am I deluded or what??

Until next time :-)

OK Who Stole My Background

Huh? Huh? Huh?

Where has it gone, my beautiful specially chosen template grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I noticed Katie's background over at No Missed Opportunities seemed to be missing today too.

Bet it's something to do with the new Blogger templates but just what who knows!

In the immortal words of that ad that I can't remember what it was for:


Anyway no time to check now off to Aunty's 60th birthday party yippeeeeee.

But I will get to the bottom of it :-)

So Many Blogs, So Little Time

Greetings one and all and welcome to Friday. Firstly a big welcome to my new follower Lori who has a great blog over at Tiny Little Reveries.

Now the question on everyone's lips - where on earth did the last week go???

I have been home resting my stress fractured foot this week on orders from the doc. And guess what? I've enjoyed being a SAHM. No surprise there for anyone that daily drags themselves off to the coalmine otherwise known as full time work.

I managed to sleep in after 6.30am every day this week.

I got to take my little angel to school and pick her up.

I got to have a nanna nap everyday.

I got to snuggle in bed and read a book without interruption.

Dinner was on the table at 6 every night instead of 7-7.30.

I wasn't tired or known as Mrs Crankypants at all.

Mount Washmore, Mount Foldmore and Mount Putawaymore are no more.

And I have found, read and followed some fab blogs thanks to Brenda's blog hop, FlogYoBlog Friday over at MummyTime.

I have however discovered a big problem with being at home. Being snuggled up in bed with my laptop is dangerous. Well deeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr I hear you all say.

I reckon if I did it all the time I would never get anything done. I would be too busy reading all the fabulous blogs I have found this week. And then reading all the fabulous blogs they have links to. And the fantastic blogs they link to. And so on and so on and so on.

How do you all do it? Do you have to set yourself a time limit or are you self disciplined enough you don't need to?

And now I have a big problem. Next week when I go back to work how will I find the time to keep up with all these great new blogs I'm following and a kid and a husband and a house *sigh*

I'll let you know how I go next time :-)

So Let's See If I Get It Right This Time

The fantastically hysterical Brenda over at Mummytime has a terrific meme called FlogYoBlog Friday. I finally remembered to actually blog on a Friday a few weeks ago but as it was my first time, didn't quite get it right, but decided to give it another go today.

So here's today's item to ponder.

Why, when you're are home all day bored out of your skull, does the phone never ring? And why, when you are home sick and trying to catch up on some zzzzds, does it never stop?

I dunno either but that's what happened to me today.

We had central heating installed a couple of weeks ago and it is FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC. So today I thought I would come home after dropping my little angel at school and turn it up, hop back into bed and try to get some of that restorative sleep the doc was telling me would be good for my busted foot.

So there I was toasty warm and nearly out to it and my Dad  rings. And then my sister-in-law. And then my hubby. Sheeeeeeeeeesh wide awake now thanks everyone.

I guess the one good thing is I can catch up on some blog reading. And try this flogyoblog thingy again and maybe find some new blogs to add to my list of best blogs bar none.

So I think I have to copy the blog hop code here too, so here goes

Until next time :-)

PS. Welcome to my new follower Kristin!

5ive Things You Don't Know About Me

Yay someone read my blog yesterday. Double yay it was the delightful Katie at No Missed Opportunities. I soooooooooo love her blog she's so - what would the word be - ummm SASSY.

Not to mention she follows the best blogs that have led me to some other great reads.

And she tagged me to do the 5ive Things Meme.

So I have to answer 5 questions and tag 5 fab bloggers. Answer questions no probs ummm picking 5 blogs that haven't already done this - not so easy but I'll give it a try....

Here goes:

1. Where were you 5 years ago?
On my honeymoon on the fabulous Hamilton Island in The Whitsundays, blissful, even with a 6 month old baby along.

2. Where would you like to be 5 years from now?
In a bigger house but one paid for with our winnings from lotto so I'm fortunate that I won't be working either. Oh and by not working I could do stuff after school like walking home and play dates for my little angel.

3. What are 5 things on your to do list today?
  • nap
  • finish The Girl Who Played With Fire
  • pick up my glasses that I left at my Dad's last week
  • pick up my angel from school and come home to a house that's had a visit from the cleaning fairy (pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease)
  • have a fab Greek dinner organised for the new school mums

4. What are 5 snacks you enjoy?
  • savoury shapes
  • mint slices
  • thin sliced plain chips
  • cheese and biscuits
  • popcorn

5. What are 5 things you would do if you were a billionaire?
  • pay off our debts
  • move to a bigger house with a whole wing that's just mine to put anything I want in it and not have to justify it or see something leave the house to make room for it
  • employ my own personal trainer, chef and hairdresser
  • help find the cure for breast cancer by donating a shitload of money to some brilliant scientists
  • trust fund for my little angel

So there you have it folks.

Now the hard part who to tag ..... Let's see........

Now I hope I find out some great stuff about you all too.

Until next time:-)

* some photos stolen from the web.. thanks :-)

Things that could drive you crazy.........

It started off a great day ... well sorta... if you don't count the bad stuff that happened to make it great.

The bad stuff - I have a stress fracture in my foot and it hurts to walk.


The good stuff - it hurts so much I am taking time off work and not walking anywhere.

Mmmm snuggled up in bed at the start of winter with our nice new central heating on, taking a nap after dropping my little angel at school and catching up on reading after my nap. Sounds great huh? I thought so too.

Until I got back from the doctor's gathered together everything I would need for a day in bed and then heard this electronic "chirp".

Then heard it again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

Every freakin' 10 seconds.


The battery in the smoke alarm is flat. Yes I know, I know, you're supposed to change the battery when daylight savings ends.

Normally this would not be a problem. Normally I would get the ladder out, pull the damn battery out, put the ladder away and snuggle into bed for my normally unheard of weekday snooze.

I'm not that keen to go up a ladder with a busted foot and a big walking cast though.

So I got the broom out and tried giving it a gentle nudge. That didn't work so I tried a bit harder nudge and that seemed to work.


So now my nap will have to wait until tomorrow and maybe I will try to drown it out with my iPod while I finish reading The Girl Who Played With Fire.

.....And eating the nachos I made to console myself that I wasn't gonna get a nap!

Until next time :-)