iHappy Monday

OK let's see if I can manage this.

OK so maybe not. It didn't work quite as I expected, but I've got it figured out now so look out next week!

What the hell am I on about??? Brenda's iHappy Monday over at Mummytime of course!

Anyway this is what made me happy today:

I still had money in my wallet this morning after the weekend... YAY

Getting sent home at 2.50pm cos there was toxic fumes in the office the source of which could not be found. (Don't look at my horrible dry crocodile skin please)

So sunny but yet so freakin cold .... 11 degrees at 3pm

What was waiting for me at home :-)

Our 1 month old ducted heating which was working wonderfully to combat the 11 degrees.

Afternoon cup of coffeee in a mug that always makes me think of summer.

New app on my iPhone that makes funny pics.


Brenda's iHappy Monday!
6 Responses
  1. Katie Says:

    Great pics!
    I especially loved the one of your little girl! she is a cutie.
    Also, that rainbow picture is oh so very cool!

  2. In Real Life Says:

    Fun Happys! Cute picture of your daughter! Cool mug too!

  3. Brenda Says:

    Woohoo cashola!! You are a rich girl, baby. Hehehe

    Love that pic of your kidlet too.xx

  4. Heather Says:

    Isn't Brenda brilliant? Not only does she do the great "flog your blog" for us newbie's to find more great reads, she makes us want to list all our happy moments and not just our stressed out, let me complain to the world moments. I'm happy that I stumbled across your blog.

  5. BPOTW Says:

    Love the pics and having money too...good on ya!

  6. Sooo much to be happy about, I agree!! Speaking of happy, that's what you made ME when you visited and followed my blog! Thanks so much, I really, really appreciate it! I'm following you back, cheers!!

Thanks for stopping by :-)