So Let's See If I Get It Right This Time

The fantastically hysterical Brenda over at Mummytime has a terrific meme called FlogYoBlog Friday. I finally remembered to actually blog on a Friday a few weeks ago but as it was my first time, didn't quite get it right, but decided to give it another go today.

So here's today's item to ponder.

Why, when you're are home all day bored out of your skull, does the phone never ring? And why, when you are home sick and trying to catch up on some zzzzds, does it never stop?

I dunno either but that's what happened to me today.

We had central heating installed a couple of weeks ago and it is FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC. So today I thought I would come home after dropping my little angel at school and turn it up, hop back into bed and try to get some of that restorative sleep the doc was telling me would be good for my busted foot.

So there I was toasty warm and nearly out to it and my Dad  rings. And then my sister-in-law. And then my hubby. Sheeeeeeeeeesh wide awake now thanks everyone.

I guess the one good thing is I can catch up on some blog reading. And try this flogyoblog thingy again and maybe find some new blogs to add to my list of best blogs bar none.

So I think I have to copy the blog hop code here too, so here goes

Until next time :-)

PS. Welcome to my new follower Kristin!
2 Responses
  1. lori Says:

    I hate when that happens! It never fails. Something in the cosmos just knows when you're trying to nap and needs to sabatage it (I may not have spelled that right). Thanks for finding me from Aussie Lori's blog (random ramblings) I just love her.

  2. Brenda Says:

    Awww. Thank you for that. You totally made my night!

    And yes, I agree with Yankee Lori The Universe has a very twisted sense of humour.; )

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