Happy Happy Happys

Yay it's iHappy Monday over at Mummytime and it's happy Monday here too as I sit with my feet up on the couch snuggled in my pink blankie catching up with all the blog goodness in my reader. The not so happy 45 minute wait at the Doc's this morning now sees a happy me with 2 weeks off work to rest and recuperate my bung heel foot knee let's just say leg. Even happier stay off my feet and let hubby do everything was his advice (can you believe a man actually thought that another man would do this???).

I haven't had the chance to take any snaps today so here's some iPhone iHappys from the weekend.

Potatohead Heaven - on Saturday we stayed in and played games all day. My little angel thought it was hysterical to have eyes where ears were meant to be and arms coming out of their heads but boring old me insisted on making the Potatoheads up correctly for the family portrait you see above.

Lucky the spaghetti sauce was all on my little angel's face not her pink T-shirt!

mmmmmmmmmmmm Banana Split with extra choccie sauce thanks to hubby.


Oh and thanks to enforced rest have been checking out lots of daggy 80s film clips on youtube.



The list could go on all day!

Untl next time :-)
6 Responses
  1. Brenda Says:

    OMG! Banana Split!!! Nom nom nom.

    And the Potato Heads...pure gold! Hehehe.

  2. Hehe do you KNOW how much I adore Mr Potato head?? Muchly muchly!

  3. Seems we've been scouring YouTube together! Enjoy some time with your feet up :-)

  4. POTATO HEADSSSS!! Oh wow, you have so many! COOL! I have resurrected one from my lil brothers childhood and have him sitting in my office.

  5. Mrs Woog Says:

    NerdyComputergirl..... YOU WON A COPE OF MY BOOK GIVEAWAY!

    Please email your name and address to mrswoog@hotmail.com.


  6. Cate P Says:

    I kinda got stuck on the banana split pic..... drool

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