iHappy Monday

Oh yay, oh joy, I have the day off. It's the second week of the school holidays here in Melbourne and I am having the day off with my little angel.

After a busy weekend we are just chillin a bit today. Her friend has come over for a play day and her Mum, my girlfriend, will return the favour on Friday when I will be at work again.

So lots of things are making me happy today.

Unfortunataley my iPhone is not one of them. Allow me to explain.....

My little angel likes to play with my phone and leave me little messages using the voice memo. They are cute little things like her telling me she loves me or not so cute things like 50 renditions of the chorus of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance which she doesn't really know the words to (ohhhh I am sooooooooo over that song).

Anywaysssssss for some reason now everytime I sync my iPhone it seems to hang itself grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

So it's taken me an hour to finally sync my photos for iHappy Monday hosted by one of my favourite bloggers, blissfully funny Brenda over at Mummytime.

Now without further ado

YES! A school holiday sleep-in (well not counting the first small wake up at 5.30am when my little angel snuggled into bed with me after Daddy went to work)

New sparkly shoes from eBay for my little angel that actually arrived on a day I was at home for the postman.

School holiday craft fun

Pretty new watercolour pencils

MMMMMM Afternoon Tea


Until next time :-)
5 Responses
  1. Brenda Says:

    I LOVE your sparkly shoes!

    And look at you Crafty Mumma you. Hehe.

  2. Draft Queen Says:

    When my iPod doesn't sync properly, I panic.

  3. In Real Life Says:

    Those are all great Happys! Those are super cute sparkly shoes, and it looks like your daughter and her friend are having a great time crafting!

  4. Great pics. My iPhone was acting up today too. I had to reboot it. That shoes are super sparkly.

  5. Wanderlust Says:

    Cute shoes! My daughter had a pink pair like that, but sadly never wore them (silly girl). Gotta love sleep-ins.

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