Should I Just Chop It Off?

I often say to my little angel when she is complaining about a sore hand/arm/foot/leg/head "Should I get a knife and just chop it off"?

And she always says Nooooooooooooooooo Muuuuuuuuuuuum you're being silly.

But this week I really wish I could just chop my bung leg off. I am so over it all it's not funny.

After I went to the physio on Wednesday I was thinking about the whole sorry saga and how long it's been bung.

It all started back in late October 2008 (yes 08!!!) when I bought a cheap pair of shoes for work from K-mart. Just plain old black low heel slip-on loafery things. A couple of weeks after wearing them I started to have a lot of pain in my left heel. So after a few more weeks I stopped wearing them.

But my heel didn't get better. So I just kept limping round for a few more weeks cos it was nearly Christmas holidays I'm an idiot who has time to look after themselves when you work full time and have a kid, husband and house to run.

So over my summer break I tried various heel support things that go in your shoes and persevered with that for a few months even though it was not making much difference. Finally six months later got sick of it all and went to see Doc who sent me off for an x-ray.

The x-ray showed I had a small bone spur in my heel and it was therefore probably plantar fasciitis where something in your foot around the heel gets inflamed (that's the technical explanation). So I took myself off to the old lady shoe shop and got a pair of shoes suitable to support my heel and foot with nice cushiony heel pad. And then cos $200 wasn't enough for a pair of shoes I bought a second pair in a different colour. So, you know, I could have something comfy to wear to work but didn't have to wear the same ones everyday.

Well guess what - that still wasn't enough. So finally bit the bullet and booked in to see physio.

Why the hell did I wait so long she was FANFRIGGGINTABULOUS. Within a couple of weeks the massage and ultrasound was doing the trick and my heel started to repair itself. I even managed to do the daily exercises she gave me to help fix it. OK OK so not everyday but enought to help a tiny teensy weensy bit.

So just after Christmas 2009 (YES 12 months!) I was finally starting to think about getting pretty shoes again and I started to get a pain in the side of said left foot.

And of course I went straight back to the Doc did nothing again. For a few weeks thinking I had just sprained it or something and it would come good. Guess what - it didn't. Oh you knew that? Hmmmmph coulda' told me!

Eentually I went to see doc who got me x-rayed again and it showed nothing. So went to physio who massaged and ultrasounded her little heart out.

And a week later nothin. Still sore as hell still annoying as hell but now my boss was off on extended leave so I felt I couldn't take time off. I'm such a dickhead matyr.

So back to the doc and this time a bone scan which finally showed a stress fracture in my foot. And I got my gorgeous boot that's the height of fashion.

Oh you don't think so???

And an added bonus of a week and a half off work to put my feet up and read blogs all day everyday while my little angel was at school.

Six weeks later I'm starting to think yay it's getting better. Then Saturday night I was lying in bed reading and moved my leg and HOLY SHIT my knee hurt.

You guessed it now it's my knee, blown up like a big pink balloon. Back to the doc, back to the physio, start again on another bit of me left leg. Physio thinks big boot + six weeks = too much stress on knee + need to lose some weight too.

I tend to agree (when I'm not screaming in pain).

I'm sure if I ask, my little angel will say "shall I get a knife and chop it off"?

And if she asked today I might say YES PLEASE :-(


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2 Responses
  1. Katie Says:

    Seriously. You need a vacation.
    I hope you are feeling better soon.
    Though I do like your boot. I would use pink puffy paint to jazz it up.
    Just sayin'.

  2. Brenda Says:

    You are totally rockin' that boot, babe.=)

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