Warning Mrs Cranky Pants Is Here

Ok but before I launch into any crankiness I just have to share... I have just been to the hydro pool to exercise my foot  & knee without any weight bearing and there was a physio taking a class when I arrived .... he was HAWT!!! I might have to change physio's immediately!

Oh and fab Mrs Woog from Woogsworld  picked me as her prize winner and became a new follower. How ace is she!

And I have 2 other new followers, welcome Bern and Lori.

Gee now it's a bit hard to be cranky but I'll do my best.

Here's a guaranteed way to make me cranky...

It's 4.45pm Thursday afternoon. My little angel has been home from school for an hour and playing with her friends in our street. They have been in and out 25 bazillion times, ringing the doorbell to get in each time instead of going around to the back gate like they have been told a gazillion times. They leave the door open each and every time they have come in and gone out. There's a freezing cold draught each time too. HELLOOOO were you born in a tent as my Mum always used to say. Food, drinks, toilets, scooters will it never stop??

Phone rings brring brring it's my hubby.

Hubby: Hi sweetie I'm at Bunnings.
Me: Oh what are you doing there?
Hubby: I really really need a nail gun for work (he's a cabinetmaker)
Me: Oh
Hubby: Can we justify spending $700 this week?
Me: (in my head) are you freaking kidding me?????
Me: (in real life) Well you can put it on your credit card and pay it off with the overtime you're doing this month
Me: (in my head) you couldn't have thought of this 2 weeks ago before the end of the financial year?? Now we have to wait 12 months before we can get a tax break sheeesh.


Thank goodness it's only a few hours to the weekend and so much closer to wine o'clock.

Now as always I'm sure you all know it's FLOGYOBLOGFRIDAY once again hosted by super spunky blogger Brenda over at Mummytime.

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Until next time :-)
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  1. Katie Says:

    HAHAAAHAAA!! Were you born in a tent? I will be saying this to my son tonight. Guaranteed.

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