Confessions of an Un-Supermum

Hey guess what funky followers?

I have a confession to make.

I am an un-Supermum.

And proud of it!

I have left the house several times in the last fortnight WITHOUT MAKING THE BEDS.

And without loading the dishwasher!

Yep you heard it here MUM, despite your years of drumming into me how the house should be left each day, I chose to ignore your advice. And nothing bad happened to me.

And you know what, I'm willing to bet on the off chance that a burglar did break in .... he would still be able to find the TV, DVD, Stereo and Laptop amongst the unmade beds and overflowing sink!

And guess what else ... while I was out the housework fairy did not come. DAMN IT. It was all still there waiting for me when I got back. So when I got home I just did it .... my little angel was none the wiser, hubby was none the wiser and I felt less stressed getting where I had to be on time and doing the housework when I DID have time.

And as hubby always says ... HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE!

So my loyal followers, what makes you an un-supermum (or Dad)?
9 Responses
  1. Toni Says:

    Haaaa ha this made me laugh so hard -- I've just come home to unmade beds, kids PJs on the floor, and brekky dishes hadn't even made it to the sink, they were still on the table!
    Of course, now I have to do a mad clean-up before 3 pm....

  2. ash Says:

    I let the clean laundry pile up soooo high that we have to keep getting clean clothes out of the pile, and the housework fairy never comes, but my husband ends up folding it! There are so many other things! :)

  3. Jacki Says:

    Just found your blog through Newbies at AMB - LOVE IT!

  4. Katie Says:

    I gave my son a sucker for breakfast this morning. I feel bad about it but he gave me the BIGGEST hug and kiss as I left the house for work.

  5. Alex Says:

    I let Dora babysit my kids whenever I have things to watching E!

  6. Lulu Says:

    I keep that fairy locked in my broom cupboard. And I'm NOT sharing her. Took me years to track the little tart down....

  7. Nadiah Says:

    Probably the black mold growing in the shower cubicle ... too much information?

  8. Becky Says:

    I've come to your blog from FlogYoBlog and I love it! I (like ash) let the clean washing pile up and up and up - to avoid my youngest dumping them out of the draw onto the floor, of course. I just really hate to fold. Washing it, hanging it and bringing it in are ok, but folding is horrid.

  9. That is awesome (high fives you in the air!!) I left the house without shaving my legs this morning and I felt awesome too! Oh the beds were not made and the dishes were still in the sink too!

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