No More Politics Please!

I am so over bloody politics and political advertising. As if having a Federal election that ended in a hung parliament earlier this year wasn't enough to bore the crap out of us, we poor Victorians now have a state election tomorrow.

And I don't know if I will be able to bear it if it's a hung parliament like the federal election.

The advertising has been truly uninspiring. And unrelentless.

Both major parties slagging off at each other. As if either of em is any better than the other!

Noooooooooooo Mooooooooooooooooooore.

Anyway that's my whinge for the day.

Now off to check out new blogs to read from FlogYoBlog Friday.

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Things that pissed me off today

Oh the list is long dear follower believe me...... but in the interests of not boring you to death I'll cut it down to the top 10.

1. Getting an "EasyVote guide" in the mail that is on heavy glossy colour printed paper with the suggestion I cut out the section with my name and address to take when I vote on Saturday...... Yeah cos I'm a moron and can't get those things right after reaching voting age 26 years ago.

2. Knowing that my taxes are paying for one of these to get mailed to every voter on the electoral role in Victoria.

3. Mozzie bites.

4. Railway lines that cross major arterial roads instead of going under or over them.

5. Husbands that think Two and a Half Men is the MOST hilarious show on Earth.

6. Telling the kid from across the road not to say FUCK in our house yet again.

7. Bought coffee that is lukewarm when you get it.

8. Having longer than a 5 minute commute to work.

9. The Hamster song played by little Angel for the 1098769368 time today (OK maybe a slight exaggeration there).

10. The Groundhog Dayness that my life has been lately... roll on Christmas holidays

Soooooooooo anything anyone else wants to get off their chest?

It Would Have Been ....

Hello dear followers out there in blog land,
sorry it's been so long since I last posted and thanks for remembering me Katie, and giving me a gentle nudge. Welcome also to my new follower, Primita Paola.

It's been a month I'd like to forget and I'm sure you will agree when you read my post. And a warning it's about a very distressing subject.

Last Friday it would have been my best friend Maree's birthday.

Me, Angela and Maree

A month ago she committed suicide.

It still feels so unreal. Like she's just away on holidays or something. And that she'll be ringing any day to catch up for a girls night out at our favourite chinese restaurant.

We met when I was around 6 or 7, I can't remember exactly it was that long ago. It was Christmas and my parents had hired an on-site caravan for a 2 week family holiday. Her parents had hired a site for their caravan in the same caravan park for the same time.

Maybe we met in the playground or building sancastles or maybe paddling at the beach, again I don't remember. I do remember that she was friends with my youngest sister that year, even though she was 2 years older than Natalie.

The next year we went back again and so did her family. That year my middle sister Angela and I were the ones that hung out with her (as much as 8 year olds hang out lol) and my little sister moved on to other friends her own age. That was the start of a friendship lasting over 30 tears (Oops typo but I'm crying as I type weird huh?) years. Our families kept going back every year and our friendship blossomed. We became penpals, although we only lived around 15kms apart. Our parents bought the caravan we stayed in each year and her parents put theirs on site permanently. We spent school holidays together as well as Christmases.

Sneaking over to the beach to smoke cigarettes when we were teenagers, and you and Angela squeezing into the backseat of my Celica, off to the pub to see the latest bands and flashing the fake IDs cos you were both underage.

When you were finally finished with school staying at our place after some fight with your parents and driving your little red car to work in the city near me.

Boyfriends, bridesmaids, weddings, kids, losing weight, gaining weight, good jobs, crappy jobs, in-laws, out-laws. There's a million more memories, and there could have been a trillion more.

So many questions .... mostly why????

Why couldn't she shake the black dog of depression after all these years?

Why did she feel that she couldn't talk about it or get help from any one of us that were close to her?

What could have made her so desperate that she thought that suicide would solve it all?

Why didn't she just call and vent instead?

Was it a spur of the moment thing or not?

So many lives devastated ... husband, son, step-children, parents, brothers, sister, friends, work colleagues, the list is endless.

So many of us trying to understand.

Don't think I ever will.

Love you Ree xxxxxxxx