Things that pissed me off today

Oh the list is long dear follower believe me...... but in the interests of not boring you to death I'll cut it down to the top 10.

1. Getting an "EasyVote guide" in the mail that is on heavy glossy colour printed paper with the suggestion I cut out the section with my name and address to take when I vote on Saturday...... Yeah cos I'm a moron and can't get those things right after reaching voting age 26 years ago.

2. Knowing that my taxes are paying for one of these to get mailed to every voter on the electoral role in Victoria.

3. Mozzie bites.

4. Railway lines that cross major arterial roads instead of going under or over them.

5. Husbands that think Two and a Half Men is the MOST hilarious show on Earth.

6. Telling the kid from across the road not to say FUCK in our house yet again.

7. Bought coffee that is lukewarm when you get it.

8. Having longer than a 5 minute commute to work.

9. The Hamster song played by little Angel for the 1098769368 time today (OK maybe a slight exaggeration there).

10. The Groundhog Dayness that my life has been lately... roll on Christmas holidays

Soooooooooo anything anyone else wants to get off their chest?
2 Responses
  1. Jacki Says:

    He he he! I'm with you on many of these items! I really don't understand the Two and A Half Men thing either. Charlie Sheen = gross!

  2. Glen Says:

    Two & 1/2 men ? are you joking? comedy gold I tells ya - comedy gold.

    that's the one with the fat yellow guy working at the power station right?

    things that's wound me up today? - It STILL not being time to go home! humph

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