My very first Sunday Session

Something caught my eye the other day when I was catching up on my blog reading (long overdue let me tell you) .... the lovely Thea over at  Do I Really Wanna Blog has a Sunday Session. You link to 2 songs, an oldie and a newie.

So I thought I would play along today and show off my impeccable dubious taste in music.

First a song I loved back in high school. Yes I am old enough to have gone to a "high school" rather than a "secondary college". Goanna- Solid Rock. Great Aussie band pity they never really made it big following the success of their first album.

And my new favourite is Bruno Mars, Just The Way You Are. Great video but every time I hear this song on the radio it reminds me of Maree and makes me both a bit teary but happy she was in my life as long as she was.

Enjoy and link up a couple of songs yourself! Follow Thea's link at
Do I really Wanna Blog?: Sunday Session

PS. Doh just looked at Dylmah's link and she picked Bruno Mars too. What can I say my taste must be ok ;-)
3 Responses
  1. Thea Says:

    Excellent! I haven't heard Solid Rock for ages...such a great song!
    And great minds think alike....gotta love Bruno Mars. :)
    Thanks for linking. :)

  2. Love Solid rock thank you for bringing back a great memory for me.

    (((( Hugs ))))

  3. Glen Says:

    hmmmm dubious :-)

Thanks for stopping by :-)