Oi ... Mother Nature


Mother Nature are you there or are you having a little lie in???

Don't you realise it's freakin summer???

What's with this 18 degrees and rain all day???

Don't you know it's the first proper day of school holidays and I have a 6 year old kid??? And that her mate from across the road is affectionately known in this household as red cordial kid??? And that having them here inside all day


Oh you do ... oh OK then ...just please make Christmas day the promised 28 degrees so we don't have 12 people inside our tiny house for lunch. Pretty please with sugar on top???
3 Responses
  1. Katie Says:

    I totally feel your pain about the yucky weather. Where I live it just snows and is cold and snows some more and is cold some more from Late October to about mid April.
    One of these days I am SOOO gonna move to somewhere with a better climate.

  2. I hope Christmas Day was wonderful, whatever the weather did!

  3. Glen Says:

    well we were surrounded by snow on Christmas day and it was lovely :-) Hope yours turned out good - have a great New Year

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