I Gotta Feeling ....

Wow I have 4 new followers in one week yaaay me and welcome aboard everyone!

Now as I was saying ... in the words of that great Black Eyed Peas song... I Gotta Feeling.... that this magic of being home alone in an empty house is not going to last.

It's been back to the salt mine work for me this week while hubby and my little angel continue to enjoy the Melbourne summer. A nice surprise today though I have arrived home from work and the house is empty.


I get time to read the blogs I'm following in peace and laugh or cry without having to explain what I'm laughing or crying about.

I get time to write a quick post.

I get time to wonder if I want to respond to an email asking if I want to do a review on my blog.

I contemplate ringing my hubby to see where they are and stop myself, thinking - are you mad woman???

Enjoy it while you can!!

Oh no I jinxed it .... here they come.... bye bye peace and quiet.

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What do you enjoy most about being Home Alone?
6 Responses
  1. I lurve being home alone - it's how I relax and get in touch with my balanced self - but it happens so little these days .... still trying to remember to just enjoy having the little pinks home with me while it lasts!

  2. Maxabella Says:

    I am not ashamed to admit that given the choice of doing ANYTHING that takes my fancy I would choose to be at home in my own house by myself with nothing to clean. Bliss!! x

  3. Katie Says:

    I use the bathroom for as long as I want and no one knocks on the door to ask me what I'm doing or how long I'll be or what's for lunch. Its the little things.

  4. Glen Says:

    oh nice - very nice - while it lasted

    oh and ... rifling through the fridge guilt free.

  5. It's been that long that it's hard to remember what I used to do at home alone. Probably control of the remote; getting to watch something that doesn't involve singing mice or talking fish.

  6. I luuurve being home alone too - especially when it's overnight and I get the whole bed to myself! Of course, one night is plenty, any more than that and I get lonely!

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