Things I Have Discovered Whilst on Holiday

  • I have a new follower yaaaay welcome to Pink Patent Mary Janes whose blog I have been meaning to check out for ages and am glad I finally did cos it's ace
  • The outpouring of love and support for Lori and the Queensland flood victims showed me the bloggers I follow are the most amazing, compassionate bunch of people I have ever had the pleasure to not meet (yet anyway)
  • My husband drinks a hell of a lot of coffee and uses a new cup and spoon everytime
  • My Little Angel sleeps past 6am if I keep her up past normal 8.30pm bedtime (her teacher probably won't recommend this when she is back at school)
  • How much I enjoy sleeping in past 6am
  • Summer TV is crap
  • New blog finds are ace
  • My cat would sleep on our bed for 24 hours a day if she could (never gonna happen)
  • I don't want to go back to work on Monday (shocking to hear after a month off I know)
  • My 18 year old niece reckons David Bowie is "not that good" ( this from a Ke$ha and Katy Perry fan so very credible opinion *roll eyes*)
  • I was too slack to post about both my blogoversary and my 50th post
What things have you discovered whilst on holiday?
5 Responses
  1. Hey there, sounds like you've been having an interesting holiday. (keeping dry I hope). I went back to work on Monday (only work 18 hrs) and learned that I would rather be home :O)

  2. Awww, thank you! Nice to have discovered your blog too. x

  3. Katie Says:

    About the hubby using a new cup and spoon for each cup of coffee-mine does this to,and also with food. Heaven forbid he use the same plate twice. Gaaaaah!

  4. Glen Says:

    I learned that I am considerably better at ignoring the housework than my wife is at ignoring me ignoring the housework

  5. I'm am sure to say, I'm sure your 18 year old neice has some points to her argument regarding music.. and my oh my she sounds awesome :) haha xx

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