Altered States

Greetings followers,

Sorry it's been so long since my last post, it wasn't intentional, believe me.

I feel kinda weird at the moment like I am living in an altered world, in an altered state.

You see my husband has been without le job for the last 2 months and he has taken over the running of the nerdy household. And the complete obliteration of our straggly front garden which we have been going to get round to re-doing one of these days.

And I'm not sure I like it!

Last Wednesday I came home to a front garden with only a rose bush and a camelia left standing. After a conversation about what we should replace the rest of the garden with, where I could have sworn I said let's plant some more roses and camelia's, I came home Thursday night to find them gone too and Ben the Bobcat man coming to dig up and relevel the rest of the weeds grass and garden beds.

I have only had to take my daughter to school twice this year, on her first day (when Hubby and I both went) and last week when we took one of her friends, thus requiring use of family truckster (with 5 seats) rather than the tradie truckster (with only 2 seats).

The one big advantage so far though has been the  benefit to my flexible working hours. Not having to take my little angel to school means I can start work earlier and hey presto I can finish earlier too. YAAAAAY. There's nothing better than being home from work early when it's daylight savings. Now if only Mother Nature had played along and considered passing on some BBQ weather as well. Oh well maybe next year.

Anyway, I am sure you would understand long standing habits are hard to break.

Previously Hubby was up and out of the house nice and early leaving me plenty of time to pffaff around and do whatever I pleased as well as getting our little angel ready for school.

I would make lunches, empty the dishwasher, feed the cat, consider putting on a load of washing, add to the weekly grocery shopping list, roughly figure out weekly meal planner with a couple of takeaways thrown in for the can't be stuffed nights, read a couple of blogs, make the beds and open the curtains.* (ok so not all of them everyday... in fact generally pick 3 each day).

Now my Hubby is responsible for most of this (apart from the blog reading thank goodness for the iPhone) and let's just say he does things differently to me. I mean after all he is a male and I think it's fairly well documented that Men and Women are different!

And I miss some of it. I liked taking little miss to school and chatting to the other Mums (so the rest of it he can keep).

I miss coming home to a house where the beds have been made and the curtains opened.

I liked doing the grocery shopping on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Now I just have to relax each weekend. *Sigh* it's a tough job but someone's got to do it.

What tough jobs do you have this week?
3 Responses
  1. Glen Says:

    you are just going to have to tough out this relaxing thing! I have to try and turn 40 with dignity. This is not going to be easy. I suspect life will have to drag me kicking and screaming out of my thirties

  2. Katie Says:

    I personally think you should come to the U.S. for a nice long vacation. I suggest Michigan, but wait until summer.
    *cough* I am purely thinking of your well being *cough*
    Oh my GOSH! I live in Michigan. You could totally come meet me.

  3. Oh wow, that's a big change to your routine! Good luck adjusting :o)

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