3 month anniversary

Hey I just noticed today is three months since my last post.... happy non-posting anniversary to me!

So what have I been up to?

Not a great deal.... life has just been going on and on and on and mindlessly on. Nothing much happening in casa del nerdy lately and I have been struggling to get some inspiration to post.

SO I figured today I would just  post something, anything and maybe it would get me started again.

So let's see... March was my birthday and I got a new digital camera yaaaaaaaaaaay. Here's the first pic I took. My little angel is soooo cute (me biased?? never)

We had an Easter Egg Hunt

We went to the Anzac Day parade

Hubby got a job and then after three weeks the guy stopped paying him ... so he stopped working for free for him. On the plus side we have a really nice front garden with a beautiful weeping maple thanks to hubby's unemployment stretch.

We bought some face paints and my little angel made a great lion out of me

And I had a hair cut, and cuddle with her

So there you go you're all caught up. What have you been up to lately?